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Maximizing Recoveries in U.S. Securities Class Actions: How pension funds and institutional investors can increase alpha through securities litigation.

KSF is proud to host the Annual Nordic Investment Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 5, 2024. This prestigious event is dedicated to exploring investment strategies and opportunities for institutional investors in the Nordic region. Bruno Rosenbaum, a seasoned international lawyer, will host a panel on U.S. securities class actions.

Bruno will delve into KSF’s successful strategies in U.S. securities class actions, particularly emphasizing the firm’s current role in the landmark Credit Suisse case, where KSF serves as lead counsel on behalf of purchasers of American depository shares (ADS) and other securities. The presentation will offer a comprehensive view on assisting institutional investors in increasing overall returns in part, through their participation in securities litigation, illustrated with insights from the Credit Suisse class action. It will cover the latest developments in this case and the unique advantages institutional investors gain when litigating in U.S. courts.

Additionally, Bruno will address the challenges and legal tactics in navigating U.S. securities litigation, especially in the context of Supreme Court decisions that have impacted investor rights. The presentation will also explore the role of securities litigation in modern corporate governance. Bruno will discuss how securities litigation is reshaping the concept of shareholder power, focusing on the disconnection of today’s workers from their ownership rights and how legal action can redefine worker ownership in corporate settings.

This session targets institutional investors, legal professionals, and anyone interested in the intersection of finance and law. Join us to gain valuable insights into maximizing investment recoveries through legal strategies in the ever-evolving world of securities litigation.

If you would like to register to this event, please follow this link and click on “request an invite”.